Praise for Julie Caruso

Founder of Alchemy


I walked into my first session, unsure of my desired outcome. Julie helped me articulate exactly what I needed to do in order to restore balance to my life. Once she helped me home in on the issue, she became my accountability partner. Her approach helped me bound to the next phase of my life, giving me months of time back I would have otherwise squandered in deliberations.
Mid-level executive, CBRE


Julie has a wonderful way of celebrating successes and developing strategies for growth. Thanks to her coaching, I have more clarity and confidence in the workplace. I feel so lucky to work with Julie and am grateful for the positive impact coaching has made in my career.
Manager, The Walt Disney Company


Julie is an excellent coach! Her warm and compassionate style made it easy to open up and trust her. Her ability to listen deeply, ask just the right questions, and her unshakable commitment to my growth helped bring about a number of significant insights that have enabled me to move into the next chapter of my career and life.
Consultant, PwC


I knew that I wasn't satisfied with my career path and was ready for a change but didn't think that pursuing my dream career was possible. Julie's guidance encouraged me to focus my ideas and to act on them. She helped me realize that I had several amazing career options and the tools to make any of them happen. Now my aspirations are turning into reality.
Engineer, global design firm


I had no idea how rewarding this would actually be. Julie empowered me to find my own solutions through active listening, thought-provoking questions, and support. I was able to make real progress, not only with my career but also with my personal goals and  growth.
Interior designer, boutique firm


Julie has coached me on a particularly stubborn issue I have been tackling for some time. She asked powerful questions in just the right way to open up my thinking on the matter. I was able to look at the issue from a new vantage point, which has led to some meaningful change. In addition to being a great coach, she is warm, personable, and hilarious.
Executive recruiter, independent


Julie is an extremely insightful professional. She is an excellent listener and exceptional in comprehending information through clear and logical assessment. She will respond with relevant and thoughtful feedback, challenging you with all the right questions. Julie is compassionate, kind, intelligent, and caring. I have learned much from her and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.
Project manager, medium-sized firm