About Alchemy


We guide new managers and emerging leaders through career transitions and life transformations.

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Alchemy offers executive coaching services that help driven clients achieve painless, accelerated professional and personal growth.


Certified + Customized

Our customized frameworks are based on Adult Development Theory, Positive Psychology principles, Systems Theory, and category-leading paradigms, including Hudson Coaching Methodology™, The Daring Way™,  and Design Thinking.


Aspiration + Alignment

Every Alchemy engagement is tailored to each individual’s needs, objectives, and comfort level. Our approach is consistently founded on aligning clients’ aspirations and actions with their northstar values.


Observation + Action

The Alchemy process always involves making observations and asking questions that empathically—and often humorously—challenge instances of misalignment between clients’ values and behaviors.


The Alchemy Value System


Connection + Empathy

Alchemy deeply values empathic human connection. Empathy makes better transformation coaches, business leaders, and human beings. We model empathy for new managers to help them understand where their team is coming from and set benchmarks and boundaries more effectively.


Learning + Achievement

At Alchemy, we love to learn. When working on the self, it’s essential to remain curious about and nonjudgmental of new information, like students. Once you acquire new information about yourself, achievement entails applying learned insights to enhance your life.


Positivity + Humor

For Alchemy, positivity means providing motivating energy and openness in our engagements. For our clients, positivity is the necessary belief that they can achieve their highest potential. We are go-getters who support other go-getters. The work that we do is impactful, but it’s also fun.


Lead Alchemist

Julie Caruso, MS, ACC


Julie is a certified professional coach through The Hudson Institute of Coaching and is credentialed through The International Coaching Federation. Her mission is to facilitate more productive workplaces by developing leaders and their teams. Julie’s coaching practice focuses on emerging leaders and leaders-in-transition.

Julie has coached clients from Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, CBRE, and The Walt Disney Company, as well as various medium-sized organizations and tech startups. Her own prior corporate experience includes leading the business development strategy for a national general contractor and a global architecture firm.

Julie holds a bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication from North Carolina State University and a master’s in Counseling Psychology from Mount Saint Mary’s University. Julie’s background anchors her multidimensional understanding of how to leverage behavioral change in pursuit of desired results.


Professional Coaching Credentials + Certifications

Associate Certified Coach (ACC),
The International Coaching Federation


Certified Executive Coach,
The Hudson Institute of Coaching


ShiftPositive 360
Leveraging Positive Psychology in Feedback


Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

The Daring Way™ personal and professional coaching methodology is based in Dr. Brené Brown's research and shame resilience theory.

Julie facilitates Dr. Brown's program to coach transformation seekers in the power of courage, empathy, and vulnerability.

Designing Your Life Certified Professional Coach

Developed by co-directors of the Stanford d.school and coauthors of “Designing Your Life,” Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, the Design Thinking coaching certification program applies the iterative process—embraced by Silicon Valley and designers worldwide—to adult development.

Julie is a graduate of Bill Burnett and Dave Evan’s inaugural class and applies their coaching methodology to Alchemy executive coaching services, helping clients innovate through nonjudgmental learning, results-driven iteration, and empathic collaboration.


Praise for Julie Caruso, Founder of Alchemy

I walked into my first session, unsure of my desired outcome. Julie helped me articulate exactly what I needed to do in order to restore balance to my life. Once she helped me home in on the issue, she became my accountability partner. Her approach helped me bound to the next phase of my life, giving me months of time back I would have otherwise squandered in deliberations.
Mid-level executive, CBRE

Julie has a wonderful way of celebrating successes and developing strategies for growth. Thanks to her coaching, I have more clarity and confidence in the workplace. I feel so lucky to work with Julie and am grateful for the positive impact coaching has made in my career.
Manager, The Walt Disney Company

Julie is an excellent coach! Her warm and compassionate style made it easy to open up and trust her. Her ability to listen deeply, ask just the right questions, and her unshakable commitment to my growth helped bring about a number of significant insights that have enabled me to move into the next chapter of my career and life.
Consultant, PwC


So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.

— Eagles